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Infantry weapons / Anti-tank missiles / Type 01 LMAT

Type 01 LMAT

General Facts

  • TYPE
    Anti-tank guided weapon


    XATM-5 (design project name)

    1993 - 1997

    Kawasaki Heavy Industries

    2000 - present

    Japan - Kawasaki Heavy Industries

    Over 1.000 produced in 2010.

    $ 260.000 for CLU in 2001

    Powerful tandem HEAT warhead
    Good range for lightweight system
    Fire and forget system
    Can be pedestal mounted on vehicles
    Can be operated by a single person
    Resuable command launch unit
    Very expensive system
    Requires extensive training
    Much heavier than unguided system


The Type 01 LMAT is a modern man portable anti-tank guided weapon of Japanese origin. It was developed in the 1990's to replace the unguided and short range Carl Gustav recoilless rifle with a more potent anti-armour system. The design concept is very similar to the Israeli Spike-SR. The name Type 01 LMAT refers to its year of adoption (2001) and LMAT indicates that it is a lightweight guided anti-tank weapon.


The LMAT looks rather similar to the US FGM-148 Javelin, Israeli Spike and French Eryx. It consists of a reusable command launch unit and disposable cannisters for the missiles. The LMAT is a fire and forget system that uses imaging infrared homing.


The LMAT has a tandem HEAT warhead with undisclosed penetration characteristics. The tandem HEAT warhead allows the system to be used against combat vehicles with ERA. This type of warhead is not particularly effective against builings and infantry in the open. The maximum effective range is 2 km.


The combination of launch unit and missile weighs only 17.5 kg. This makes the system easy to use by a single person. A small group of soldiers can easily move in the field with the LMAT system and additional missiles. It is also possible to mount the launcher on vehicles such as the LAV 4x4 reconnaissance vehicle.


The LMAT was accepted in Japanese service in 2001 and over 1.000 launchers have been acquired. The LMAT is unlikely to be exported.


Type 01 LMAT

The Type 01 LMAT man portable anti-tank guided weapon has no variants. The system consists of a reusable Command Launch Unit (CLU) attached to the disposable fiberglass transport and launch tube for the missile. The missile is available only with tandem HEAT warhead. The CLU can be fitted with a tripod and a click on night sight. The CLU can also be pintle mounted on a vehicle.

TypeAnti-tank missile
Diameter140 mm body
Length0.97 m
Weight11.4 kg
GuidanceInfrared image homing with CCD camera
WarheadTandem HEAT warhead
PropulsionSingle-stage solid propellant rocket motor
Speed66 m/s average
Range2 km maximum
Engagement envelope-
RemarksCommand Launch Unit weighs 5.1 kg


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