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Type-054A (Jiangkai II) class

General Facts

  • TYPE


    Jiangkai II class (NATO reporting name)
    Xuzhou class (lead ship)

    Mid 2000's


    2006 - 2015 (planned)

    China - Huangpu shipyard
    China - Hudong-Zhonghua shipyard

    20 ships ordered, 17 complete

    1.6 billion Yuan

    Multi-purpose armament suite
    Stealth signature
    Good sensors and data system
    Lower speed than gas powered frigates


The Type-054A is a modern class of frigates of Chinese origin. These multipurpose frigates are a further development of the Type-054 class. The same hull is used, but weapons and sensors are significantly improved. The Type-054A is the most numerous surface combattant in the Chinese navy.


The Type-054A has a conventional layout and looks somewhat similar to the French La Fayette class. The main gun and VLS are mounted on the bow. The mast and anti-ship missiles are mounted behind the main superstructure. Propulsionsystem and funnel are in the middle. A hanger and helicopter deck are mounted at the rear.


The main armament is a 32 round VLS for the HQ-16 mediumg range surface to air missile and ASW rcokets. Surface targets are engaged using the subsonic YJ-83 anti-ship missile or dual purpose 76mm H/PJ26 main gun. Submarines are target with Type 87 ASW rocket launchers, Yu-7 lightweight torpedoes and the Ka-28PL helicopter. Two 30mm Type 730 CIWS and decoys are used for self protection.


The main sensors are the Type 382 3D air surach radar and Type 344 surface search radar. Submarines are detected using the MGK-335 active/passive sonar system. Additional systems include a combat data system, fire control radars, navigation radar, SATCOM and a datalink.


The Type-054A uses CODAD propulsion using four Shaanxi diesel engines. Maximum speed is about 27 knots. At economic speed the maximum range is about 4.000 nm.


The Type-054A is used only by China. It was ordered in massive numbers, 20 units will make up the mainstay of the Chinese fleet. The first units entered service in 2008 and the last will probably enter service in 2015.



The Type-054A frigate is a modern looking frigate due to its vertical launch system on the bow and stealth signature. It has a similar layout as the French La Fayette class. It is also known under the NATO reporting name Jiangkai II.

The easiest way to distinguish the Type-054A from the older Type -054 is the VLS on the bow instead of the octuple HQ-7 launcher. Otherwise both ships look rather similar, although they differ significantly in armament and sensors. From the sixth ship onward improvements have been incorporated into the Type-054A design.

Size134.1 m long
16 m wide
5 m draft
Displacement3.600 t standard
4.050 t full load
PropulsionCODAD with 4 diesels and 2 shafts
4x Shaanxi 16 PA6 STC diesel with 7.600 hp each
Mobility27 kt max speed
3.800 nm range at 18 kt
Sensors1x Type 382 3D air and surface search
1x Type 344 OTH surface search
4x Type 345 fire control for HQ-16
1x Type 347G fire control for 76mm
1x MGK-335 active/passive sonar
2x Racal RM-1290 nagivation radar
SystemsZKJ-4B/6 combat data system
HN-900 data link
2x Type 726-4 18-tube decoy launcher
Type 922-1 radar warning receiver
HZ-100 ECM & ELINT system
Kashtan-3 missile jamming system
Guns1x 76mm H/PJ26 dual purpose
2x 30mm Type 730 CIWS
SSM2x4 YJ-83
SAM1x 32 cell VLS for HQ-16
ASW2x6 240mm Type 87 ASW rocket
2x3 324mm torpedo tube for Yu-7
Standoff ASW rockets from VLS
Remarks1x Ka-28PL or Z-9C helicopter


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