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Ships / Cruisers / Project 1134 Berkut class

Project 1134 Berkut class

General Facts

  • TYPE


    Kresta I class (NATO reporting name)'
    Admiral Zozulya (first of class)
    Project 1134 class (Soviet designation)
    Berkut class (Soviet nickname)

    1961 - 1964


    1964 - 1969

    USSR - Zhdanov yard (Leningrad)

    A total of 4 produced


    Much better sea going capability than Kynda class
    Outdated anti-ship missiles
    Limited number of anti-ship missiles carried


The Kresta I is a Cold War era class of Soviet cruisers. They were developed to supplement the Kynda class. The name Kresta I is the NATO reporting name, in the USSR they were known as Project 1134 Berkut. A total of 7 ships was planned, but only 4 were produced when the production switched to the Kresta II class. This uses the same hull but is used in the anti-submarine role and is described seperately.


The Kresta I is the first of the classic Cold War era Soviet rocket cruisers since it has its large missiles alongside the bridge. The aft superstructure features two sensor masts. The twin arm SAM launchers are mounted forward and aft. A helicopter deck with hanger located at the stern allows a Ka-25 helicopter to be carried.


The main armament consist of two twin round launchers for the SS-N-3 surface to surface missile. Additionally two twin 57mm AK-725 dual purpose turrets are fitted. Air defense is provided by a two twin round SA-N-1 Goa launchers with a total of 44 missiles. Anti-submarine weapons include two quintuple 533mm torpedo launchers and two RBU-6000 and two RBU-1000 ASW rocket launchers.


Sensor systems include a MR-302 and MR-310 surface search radar, MR-500 air search radar and MG-312 hull mounted sonar. Additionally ECM equipment, navigation radar and fire control radars are fitted.


The Kresta I class is steam powered and features four boilers and two turbines that power two shafts. The 100.000 hp provides a maximum speed of 34 kt and maximum range of 10.500 nm at 14 kt.


The Kresta I class wasonly used by the USSR and later Russia. It supplemented the Kynda class which features a near similar armament but carries more missiles.


Kresta I class

The Kresta I class was produced in only a single version. It is easily identified by the rear superstructure with two sensor masts in combination with the twin round missile launchers. The Kresta II uses a similar hull but carries anti-submarine armament. The Kresta II is identified by the four round missile launchers.

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