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AS Val

General Facts

  • TYPE
    Assault rifle


    Val, shaft (Russian nickname)
    6P30 (GRAU designation)

    Mid 1980's - late 1980's


    Late 1987 - present

    Russia - TOZ
    USSR - TOZ



    Powerful and armor piercing ability
    Rugged and reliable
    Limited noise and muzzle flash
    Functions similar to AK-47
    Limited magazine capacity
    Limited effective range
    Uses expensive ammunition
    Automatic fire difficult to control
    Limited effective range


The AS Val is a silenced assault rifle of Soviet origin. It was developed in the 1980's to be used in urban combat and the reconnaissance role. The name AS stands for Avtomat Special'nyj, which is Russian for special automatic rifle. The nickname Val means shaft and refers to the prominent silencer. The AS Val stems from the VSS Vintorez silenced sniper rifle and has a 70% parts commonality.


The AS Val is based on a Kalashnikov receiver and uses a similar long stroke gas mechanism. The large box magazine holds the 9x39mm round which was developed specifically for this weapon. The most striking feature of the AS Val is the long integrated silencer with small polymer forearm. A metal tubular folding stock sets the AS Val apart from the VSS Vintorez. Standard Kalashnikov type iron sights are fitted. Various type of optical sights may be fitted.


The AS Val fires the powerful subsonic 9x39mm round that was specifically designed for this weapon. 20 round magazines are most common, although 10 or 30 round models are available. The fire selector allows for semi-automatic fire and automatic fire at 900 rpm. The maximum effective range is 400 meters, although 200 to 300 meters is the practical range.


The AS Val is used by various reconnaissance and special elements of the Russian armed forces. It has also been adopted by various law enforcement and internal security units. In various recent internal conflicts the AS Val proved to be very suitable for urban combat.


AS Val

The AS Val is a silenced assault rifle. It is produced in only one version, although the VSS Vintorez silenced sniper rifle may be considered a variant as it shares 70% of the parts. The AS Val is easily identified by the long integrated silencer, Kalashnikov receiver, large box magazine, short black furniture and tubular folding stock. It is often used without optics, although reddot sights, 4x PSO-1 scope or night vision optics may be fitted.

TypeAssault rifle
Caliber9x39mm Soviet
Magazine10, 20, 30 rounds
OperationGas operated, long stroke gas piston, rotating bolt
Fire selector0-1-F
Rate of fire800 - 900 rpm
Barrel length200 mm
Muzzle velocity290 m/s
Length875 mm / 615 mm
Width40 mm
Height205 mm
Weight2.5 kg empty without scope, 3.54 with magazine and PSO-1 sight
SightsIron sights, optional optical sights
RemarksIntegral silencer


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