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Infantry weapons / Grenades / 35x32mm Type 87

35x32mm Type 87

General Facts

  • TYPE
    Launched grenade



    Mid 1980's


    Late 1980's - present

    China - NORINCO



    Limited size and weight
    Good lethality
    Average range and velocity
    No dual purpose ammunition


The 35mm Type 87 is a family of launched grenades developed in China. Experimental grenade launchers were developed both in the Soviet 30mm and Western 40mm calibers. Due to a desire for both firepower and portability an indigenous 35mm caliber was developed. The Type 87 designation is derived from the experimental W87 automatic grenade launcher.


The 35mm Type 87 is a range of high velocity grenades with various warhead types available. They are spin stabilized and have a conventional layout with the propellant in the base, the warhead in the middle and the fuze in the pointed nose. The casing is rather short and is semi-rimmed. The rounds are used in 6, 9, 12 or 15 round drums or in belts.


Regarding range and accuracy the Type 87 35mm grenades are roughly similar to the 30mm Soviet rounds and inferior to 40mm NATO rounds. The 35mm grenades are launched at roughly 200 m/s and have a maximum range of 1.75 km. The standard anti-personnel grenade has a claimed fragmentation range of up to 11 m. The anti-armor grenade pierces 80 mm steel at no angle or 35 mm at 60 degrees. The destructive values compare quite well to standard Western 40mm high velocity grenades since they are not dual purpose rounds, meaning the weapon has to be reloaded before engaging a different type of target.


The 35mm rounds are most commonly used in the magazine fed QLZ-87 grenade launcher. The QLZ-87 is widely used by Chinese forces and has been exported to a small number of nations. Several types of launchers have been derived from the QLZ-87 but their actual production status remains unknown. The QLZ-04 is a belt fed automatic grenade launcher which also utilizes the Type 87 35mm grenades.


35mm Type 87

DFS87: Anti-personnel grenade with HE-Frag warhead.
DFJ87: Armour piercing round with HEAT warhead.
DFR87: Incendiary grenade.
DFN87: Anti-personnel incendiary grenade.
DFD87: Smoke marker grenade, probably using colored smoke.

TypeLaunched grenade
Diameter35 mm grenade, 38 mm rim
Length110 mm
Weight0.25 kg
FillingHigh explosive plus 400 steel balls of 3 mm
Effect11 m fragmentation radius
Velocity190 - 200 m/s
Range1.75 km
RemarksBrass colored fuze
TypeLaunched grenade
Diameter35 mm grenade, 38 mm rim
Length110 mm
Weight0.25 kg
FillingHEAT warhead with some steel balls
Effect80 mm RHA penetration
Velocity190 - 200 m/s
Range1.75 km
RemarksCopper colored fuze


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