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9P149 Shturm-S

General Facts

  • TYPE
    Tank destroyer


    9P149 (industrial designation)
    Shturm-S (nickname)

    1970 - mid 1970's

    Kolomna Design Bureau of Machine Building

    1978 - ??

    USSR - Izhevsk mechanical plant

    Over 1.000 produced.


    Very good mobility
    Long range and powerful missiles
    Small silhouette
    Low rate of fire
    No secondary armament


The 9P149 is a tank destroyer of Soviet origin. It was developed to supplement the BRDM-2 based tank destroyers in Soviet service. A more capable tank destroyer was desired with the advent of new Western tank such as the M1 Abrams and Leopard 2. The 9P149 uses the same 9M114 Shturm anti-tank missiles as used on the Mi-24 attack helicopter.


The 9P149 is based on the chassis of the MT-LB tracked armored personnel carrier. The troop compartment is filled with a single round retractable pedestal launcher which is connected to an automatic loader. Instead of the small machine gun turret the optical tracker is fitted. Only early model Shturm missiles can be launched since the improved models are too long for the autoloader in the 9P149.


The 9P149 uses the high velocity radio frequency guided 9M114 Shturm missile. The maximum range of the missile is 5 km and most modern tanks can be effectively engaged. The newer and longer range 9M120 Ataka missile can also be used. The rate of fire is 2 to 4 rounds per minute, with a total of 12 missiles carried. The 9P149 cannot fire on the move. There is no secondary armament for self-protection.


The steel armor provides protection against small arms fire all around. The 9P149 is vulnerable to any heavier type of armament. An NBC system is standard but smoke grenade launchers are lacking.


Being based on the MT-LB chassis the 9P149 is a very mobile system. It has good performance on both roads and in very difficult terrain. The low ground pressure makes it ideal for use in swamps and snow. A 290 hp diesel engine provides propulsion and allows for a maximum speed of 65 km/h. The 9P149 is fully amphibious.


The 9P149 is primarily used by ex-USSR nations with the premier user being Russia. The 9P149 is not as widely distributed as tank destroyers based on the BRDM-2 chassis or the MT-LB it has been based on. This is partly since the 9P149 was developed to engage modern Western armor and is much more expensive than other less capable Soviet design.


9P149 Shturm-S

The 9P149 is a tank destroyer based on the MT-LB chassis. With the launcher retracted it looks very similar and can only be identified by the optical tracked instead of the small one man turret. There are no variants of the 9P149.

TypeTank destroyer
Crew2 (driver, gunner)
Length6.45 m
Width1.8 m
Height2.85 m (incl launcher)
Ground clearance0.4 m
Weight12.3 t combat load
Ground pressure0.48 kg/cm2
WheelbaseTracked chassis, 6 roadwheels, 3.7 m length, 0.35m width
Turn radius?
EngineYaMZ-238V V8 diesel, 240 hp at 2.100 rpm
Power ratio19.5 hp/t
TransmissionManual, 6 forward, 1 reverse
Speed62 km/h on road, 9 km/h in the water
Fuel450 L
Range500 km on road
Wall0.6 m
Trench2.4 m
Gradient60% gradient, 30% slope
ArmorSteel, 7 to 14 mm
NBC equipmentYes, overpressure
Night visionYes
Armament9M114 missile launcher
Weapon19M114 missile launcher in rear body
12 rounds, 1 ready to fire
-2 to +15° elevation, powered
85° traverse, powered


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