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Artillery / Towed guns / M114


General Facts

  • TYPE
    Towed howitzer

    United States

    155mm Howitzer M1 (original designation)
    M65 (Yugoslav designation)
    T-65 (Taiwanese designation)

    1939 - 1941

    Rock Island Arsenal

    1941 - 1953

    United States - Rock Island Arsenal

    Over 10.300 have been produced.


    Good range for WW2 standards
    Rugged and reliable
    Poor range for todays standards
    Limited rate of fire
    Large crew requed


The M114 is a World War 2 era towed howitzer of US origin. It was developed in the early 1940's and was used in large numbers during World War 2. The original designation was 155mm Howitzer M1, but after World War 2 it was redesignated as the M114.


The M114 uses a two wheel split trail carriage. A single jack in front of the axles raises the wheels from the ground. The 155mm ordnance is derived from the 1917 Schneider, but is longer and features a new breech. The 24-caliber ordnance does not feature a muzzle brake. A gun shields adds a limited degree of protection for the 11 men crew.


The M114 fires M107 range of 155mm NATO standard ammunition. The maximum range is 14.6 km. The maximum rate of fire is 4 rounds per minute. In four minutes 8 rounds can be fired and the sustained rate of fire is 40 rounds in one hour.


The M114 is usually towed by a 5 ton truck, which also transports the crew and ammunition. It is too heavy to be man handled over all but very short distances. Emplacement time is about 5 minutes.


The M114 was used in large quantites by US forces during World War 2. After World War 2 it remained in active use for several decades and was widely used in the Korean War and Vietnam War. Later on it was replaced by the more capable towed M198 and by self-propelled howitzers. The M114 was adopted by many US allies during and after World War 2. In several nations it remains in active use today.



M114: Original 155mm Howitzer M1, later redesignated as M114.
M114A1: Improved model with air brakes instead of electrical brakes. Originally known as 155mm Howitzer M1A1. Redesignated M114A1 in 1962.
M114A2: Post war production model with slightly longer ordnance.

  • Specifications:
  • M114
TypeTowed howitzer
Ordnance155mm L/24.5 howitzer, 3.79 m barrel
Elevation-2 to +63°
Traverse25° left and right
Rate of fire4 rpm (max), 40 rounds per hour (sustained)
Range14.6 km
Carriage2 wheel split trail carriage
Weight5.6 t (firing position), 5.8 t (travelling)
Length7.32 m (travelling)
Width2.44 m (travelling)
Height1.8 m (travelling)
Towing vehicle6x6 truck
RemarksGun shield


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