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Artillery / Towed guns / M198


General Facts

  • TYPE
    Towed howitzer

    United States


    1968 - 1977

    Rock Island arsenal

    1978 - 1992

    United States - Rock Island & Watervliet arsenal

    Over 1.750 produced

    About $ 527.000

    Long range and good accuracy
    Wide range of ammunition available
    Limited weight for a long range gun
    Limited rate of fire
    No autonomous movement


The M198 is a towed howitzer of US origin. It was developed in the 1970's to replace the World War 2 era and shorter range M114. The M198 has the benefit of having a low weight but lacks rate of fire.


The M198 uses a split trail two wheel carriage that is characterized by the heavy trails and small wheels. The 155mm L/39 ordnance is mounted in a large cradle and uses hydropneumatic recoil absorbers. During travelling the ordnance remains facing rear but for transportation and storage it can be rotated over the trails.


The M198 fires NATO standard 155mm rounds including a range developed specifically for use with the M198. The maximum range is 18.2 km with the M107 round, 22 km with the M483A1 and 30 km with the M549A1 rocket assisted projectile. The rate of fire is rather low with 4 rpm maximum and 2 rpm sustained.


Normally the prime mover for the M198 is a 6x6 truck but it can be transported underneath a Chinook heavy lift helicopter. The M198 has no APU and cannot be manhandled.


The main user of the M198 are the US army and marine corps. In the army is has been upgraded and in the marine corps it is being replaced by the M777. Large quantities have been exported to the Middle East, Asia, South America and Australia.



The M198 is a towed howitzer with split trail carriage and 155mm 39-caliber ordnance. It can be easily identified by its small wheels and large round cradle. There are no variants although it has been upgraded in US army service and besides minor improvements an automated fire control system has been added.

  • Specifications:
  • M198
TypeTowed howitzer
Ordnance155mm L/39 howitzer, 6.096 m barrel
Elevation-5 to +72°
Traverse45° total
Rate of fire4 rpm maximum, 2 rpm sustained
Range18.15 km (M107), 22 km (ammunition for M198), 30 km (RAP)
Carriage2 wheel split trail carriage, 16.5x 19.5 tires, 2.36 m track
Weight7.163 kg
Length12.34 m (travelling), 11 m (firing position), 7.44 m (ordnance over trails)
Width2.79 m (travelling), 8.53 m (firing position)
Height2.9 m (travelling), 2.21 m (ordnance over trails)
Towing vehicle6x6 truck
Speed72 km/h on roads, 40 to 48 km/h on secondary roads, 8 km/h cross country


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