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Artillery / Towed guns / ZiS-3


General Facts

  • TYPE
    Towed anti-tank gun


    76.2mm divisional gun model 1942 (official designation)
    M1942 (NATO reporting name)
    76 K42 (Finnish designation)

    Late 1940 - early 1941

    V.G. Grabin

    Late 1941 - 1946

    USSR - Artillery Factory No. 92

    Over 103.000 produced, production complete.


    Effective against WW2-era tanks
    Good range
    High rate of fire
    Low production costs
    Good mobility
    Not effective against post war tanks
    Limited firepower in artillery role


The ZiS-3 is a World War 2 era anti-tank gun of Soviet origin. The ZiS-3 was developed during the early stages of World War 2 to replace the heavier and more expensive F-22 in service. The ZiS-3 was the main Soviet anti-tank gun during World War 2 and large numbers remained in use after the war.


The ZiS-3 has a rather simple design that combined the 76.2mm gun of the F-22USV with the ZiS-2 spilt trail two wheel carriage. The 76.2mm ordnance uses a sliding breech block and was improved by fitting a multi-slotted muzzle brake. This increased its performance while reducing stress on the carriage. A gun shield provides the seven men crew some protection from small arms fire and shell splinters.


The ZiS-3 is armed with a long barrel 76.2mm gun with multi-slotted muzzle brake. Compared to the older 76.2mm F-22 the ZiS-3 has a better range, accuracy and penetration. The ZiS-3 was able to knock out all but the heaviest Nazi German tanks but was of little use against post war tanks. The maximum range is 2 km for armor piercing shells and 13.3 km for indirect fire with high explosive shells. A rate of fire of 25 rpm can be achieved.


The use of the older ZiS-2 carriage made the ZiS-3 rather mobile considering its power. It was normally towed by a 4x4 truck which also transported the ammunition and crew. The ZiS-3 can be manhandled over short distances.


The ZiS-3 was widely used by the USSR during World War 2 and is one of the most produced anti-tank guns in the world. In post war Soviet service it was quickly supplemented by the more powerful D-44 and BS-3, promptly making a lot of units available for export. Most nations with ties to the USSR received the ZiS-3 although most were phased out by the 1970's. A limited number remains in service, mostly as a fire support weapon.



The ZiS-3 is a 76.2mm towed anti-tank gun based on the older ZiS-2 chassis. It can be identified from the ZiS-2 by its shorter and thicker barrel that is fitted with a multi-slotted muzzle brake. No variants of the ZiS-3 were ever produced.

TypeTowed anti-tank gun
Ordnance76.2mm L/51.6 cannon, 4.115 m barrel
Elevation-5 to +37°
Traverse54° total
Rate of fireUp to 25 rpm
Range2 km (AP rounds), 13.3 km (HE rounds)
Carriage2 wheel split trail carriage
Weight1.200 kg (firing position), 1.850 kg (travelling)
Length6.1 m
Width1.65 m
Height1.38 m
Towing vehicle4x4 light truck
RemarksGun shield


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