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Munitions / Anti-tank missiles / 9K114 Shturm

9K114 Shturm

General Facts

  • TYPE
    Anti-tank missile


    AT-6 Spiral (NATO reporting name)
    Shturm, assault (system nickname)
    Kokon, cocoon (missile nickname)

    1967 - 1974

    Kolomna design bureau

    1976 - present?



    About $50.000 per missile in 1992

    Good range compared to older missiles
    Missile speed relatively high
    Limited accuracy reported
    Reasonable penetration for original model


The 9K114 Shturm is an anti-tank missile system of Soviet origin. It was developed in the early 1970’s and is employed since 1976. The system is called 9K114 Shturm and is missile is known as the 9M114 Kokon. In the West the NATO reporting name AT-6 Spiral is used often. The 9M114 was designed to provide attack helicopters with a more capable anti-tank missile than the Falanga (AT-2). Besides helicopters it is also used on vehicles and ships.


For its time the 9M114 was a rather advanced missile. It has a long sleek cylindrical body with wrap around fins at the rear. The warhead is located at the front, followed by the guidance section with small control vanes and the solid fuel sustainer and small booster stage at the rear. The missile is stored and launched from a plastic container. The guidance is SACLOS and a VHF radio command link is used. Besides the missile the 9K114 system consists of a daylight only sighting system with laser range finder and radio link.


The 9M114 has a better performance than the older Falanga (AT-2) and Malyutka (AT-3) in range, penetration and accuracy. During Western tests accuracy proved poor while Russian sources claim 75 to 85 percent effectiveness in the Afghan war. The original 9M114 missiles penetrates about 560mm RHA and has a maximum range of 5 km. The 9M114M2 extends this range to 7 km and penetrates 600 to 650 mm RHA. A thermobaric version is available.


The 9M114 is the primary anti-tank missile on the later versions of the Mi-24 Hind attack helicopter. Additionally it is used on the 9P149 Shturm-S tank destroyer that is based on the ubiquitous MT-LB tracked armored personnel carrier. A six round launcher was also developed for naval use.


The 9M114 was adopted in large numbers with Soviet forces and various Warsaw Pact nations. Many 9M114 were upgraded to M1 or M2 standard and large quantities remain in service.



9M114M: Original missile with HEAT warhead for use against tanks. NATO reporting name AT-6A Spiral.
9M114F: A 9M114M missile with thermobaric warhead for use against buildings and fortified positions. NATO reporting name is also AT-6A Spiral.
9M114M1: 9M114M with improved guidance, heavier warhead and longer 6 km range. NATO reporting name AT-6B Spiral.
9M114M2: Uses same warhead as M1 and further improved 7 km range. NATO reporting name AT-6C Spiral.

TypeAnti-tank missile
Diameter0.130 m body, 0.36 m wingspan
Length1.625 m
Weight31.4 kg
GuidanceRadio command guidance
Warhead5.3 kg HEAT warhead, penetration 560 - 600 mm RHA
PropulsionSolid propellant rocket motor
Speed345 m/s
Range400 m minimum, 5 km maximum
Engagement envelope-
TypeAnti-tank missile
Diameter0.130 m body, 0.36 m wingspan
Length1.6 m
Weight35 kg
GuidanceRadio command guidance
Warhead7.4 kg HEAT warhead, penetration 600 - 650 mm RHA
PropulsionSolid propellant rocket motor
Speed345 m/s
Range400 m minimum, 6 km maximum
Engagement envelope-


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