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General Facts

  • TYPE
    Anti-tank missile


    Nord-5210 (manufacturer designation)
    AGM-22 (SS-11 in US service)

    1953 - 1956

    Nord Aviation

    1956 - 1980’s

    France - Nord Aviation

    Licensed production:
    United States

    180.000 produced


    Limited production costs
    Simple design
    Good range
    Large fixed wings
    Rather slow in flight
    MCLOS guidance


The SS-11 is an early Cold War era anti-tank missile of French origin. It was developed by Nord in the mid 1950’s as a more capable follow on to the SS-10. The SS-11 can be considered a product improved version of the SS-10. There are ground and air launched versions, which may feature a variety of warheads.


The SS-11 is based on the design of the SS-11. It is a short cilindrical missile with four large fixed wings. A solid fuel rocket with two nozzles provides propulsion. The SS-11 is a wire guided missile with MCLOS guidance. The Harpon variant has SACLOS guidance that results in much improved accuracy.


The SS-11 has a much improved range over the SS-10 of 3 km. The penetration is 600mm RHA, which is enough to disable early Cold War era tanks from any angle. Besides the HEAT warhead for use against tanks there are special warheads for anti-personnel and anti-ship use.


The SS-11 can be employed in the infantry role from launch boxes. Additionally it has been fitted to a variety of combat vehicles such as the VLRA utility vehicle and AMX-13 light tank. The AS-11 model is used in the air to surface role from helicopters such as the Alouette III. The SS-11(M) is used on patrol craft to engage vessels and shore targets.


The SS-11 was adopted by France and a variety of Western nations and nations with close ties to France. It was produced in large numbers and during the early Cold War stages was one of the most proliferated anti-tank missiles. The SS-11 was replaced by a variety of newer anti-tank missiles such as the Milan, HOT and TOW. Nowadays it is considered obsolete and its use is very limited.



SS-11: Anti-tank missile for use on ground mounted launchers and vehicles.
AS-11: Air launched version of the SS-11.
SS-11(M): Maritime version for use on patrol vessels.
Harpon: An updated version of the SS-11 with SACLOS guidance.

For the SS-11 family a number of warheads are available:
Type 140AC: Standard HEAT warhead for use against tanks with 600mm RHA penetration.
Type 140AP02: HE-Frag warhead for bunker busting. Has 10mm RHA penetration and explodes 2 m later.
Type 140AP59: HE-Frag warhead for use against personnel in the open.
Type 140CCN: Warhead for use against ships, used on the SS-11(M).
Inert: Inert practice warhead, indicated by blue color.

TypeAnti-tank missile
Diameter0.164 m body, 0.50 m wingspan
Length1.210 m
Weight29.9 kg
GuidanceWire guided
WarheadHEAT warhead, penetration 600 mm RHA
PropulsionSolid propellant rocket motor
Speed100 m/s
Range500 m minimum, 3 km maximum
Engagement envelope-


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