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General Facts

  • TYPE
    Fragmentation incendiary bomb


    FOZAB-500 (alternative name for FZAB-500)



    Remains in production

    Russia - Bazalt
    USSR - Bazalt


    Believed to be in the same price range as the FAB M54 and M62 general purpose bombs.

    Similar dimensions as general purpose bombs
    Multi-purpose and area effects
    Can be used on many types of Soviet aircraft
    Limited effectiveness against bunkers for FZAB-500
    Freefall bomb, thus limited accuracy


The FZAB is a series of fragmentation incendiary bomb of Soviet origin. They have been derived from general purpose bomb designs as more capable weapons for use against industry, hangars, train stations and equipment in the field. Both models in this series have very different characteristics. Having been derived from common bomb designs they may be carried and used on a wide range of Soviet aircraft without need for special integration.


The original FZAB-500 is derived from the FAB-500 M54 general purpose bomb design but has a very different filler, consisting of high explosive and incendiary material. A further development is called the FZAB-500M. This uses the FAB-500 M62 bomb body design. The warhead consists of two separate high explosive and incendiary parts. This makes the explosion more concentrated while retaining the incendiary area effect. Both weapons may be released from altitudes as low as 200 m and at subsonic and supersonic speeds.


The FZAB series is mostly effective against personnel and soft skin targets. The incendiary effect will render all stricken equipment useless. The fire may spread depending on target and weather conditions. The FZAB-500 is only effective when used against targets in the open. It causes a 350 m radius fire that burns for 2 minutes. The FZAB-500M is credited with a smaller effective range, but has a concentrated blast that allows it to be used against bunkers.


The FZAB series can be used on all types of aircraft that can use the general purpose bombs they have been derived from. The FZAB series has been cleared for used on the MiG-21 Fishbed, MiG-23 and MiG-27 Flogger, MiG-25 Foxbat, MiG-29 Fulcrum, Su-17 ans Su-22 Fitter, Su-24 Fencer, Su-25 Frogfoot, Su-27 Flanker, Tu-16 Badger, Tu-95 Bear.


Both models of the FZAB series have been used by Soviet forces and remain in use with Russia. The FZAB-500M remains in production. It is likely that the FZAB series has been exported to several Soviet allies.



The FZAB-500 is derived from the FAB-500 M54 general purpose bomb. It has a similar distinctive ribbed nose section. Unlike the FAB-500 M54 it is filled with a mixture of both high explosive and incendiary liquid. The mixture makes it effective when used in the open, but reduced penetration characteristics.

TypeFragmentation incendiary bomb
Diameter0.45 m
Wingspan0.50 m tail
Length1.54 m
Weight478 kg
Warhead164 kg mixture with 12 kg HE charge, resulting in fire with 350 m radius that burns for 2 minutes
GuidanceNone, free fall
Launch envelope200 m to 25 km, up to 1.200 km/h
Remarks250 mm lug spacing


The FZAB-500M is a modernized version of the FZAB-500. Unlike its predecessor it is derived from the more streamline FAB-500 M62 general purpose bomb. The forward half is filled with common high explosive while the rear half is filled with an incendiary substance. It is reported that this design has better penetration charachteristics. As such it is reported to be more suitable against bunkers than the original FZAB-500.

TypeFragmentation incendiary bomb
Diameter0.40 m
Wingspan0.515 m tail
Length2.5 m
Weight500 kg
Warhead135 kg with 86 kg high explosive and 49 kg incendiary material
GuidanceNone, free fall
Launch envelope200 m to 22 km, 500 to 2.100 km/h
Remarks250 mm lug spacing


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